Sunday, February 24, 2008

We have arrived...

The boys on the flight

The back and front of the house. The park where the boys play.

I know, I know you have all been patiently waiting for me to give you some details about our move to Dubai, well here you go...

The boys and I heard that we would be flying from Cape Town to Dubai on 06 February 2008 after our visas were eventually issued. We had two days notice! So sorry to those people who wanted me to say goodbye but there really wasn't any time left. I was panicking slightly about the luggage because I had 3 big suitcases and 3 overnight bags which I would have as carry on luggage. Having, which I thought, was 20 kilograms each we might be in for a bit of a trying time to persuade the check-in counter person not to charge us. My Dad and I weighed the luggage before we left and the 3 big suitcases were 69 kilograms and that was just the check in luggage! Not, bad I thought considering we are moving to another country! Overweight a bit but was still feeling nervous about it we left for the airport. When we got there, nothing to feel nervous about at all, I found out we had 30 kilograms each and sighed a huge sigh of relief! I even managed to check one of the extra pieces of overnight bags through as well!

We flew from Cape Town to Johannesburg and had a lot of walking to do between the domestic and international departure halls to fly from Johannesburg to Dubai. Once you are through customs there is no trolley! So the boys had to walk all the way to the gate we were leaving from, with a lot of moaning going with it! It's too far, I am tired, etc.

We flew Emirates and what a lovely plane and airline to fly with! Very spacious and each seat had its own TV with a lot of video channels and games to keep the boys entertained! I eventually got them settled at around 22h30 only to wake them about 4 hours later so that we could get ready for the landing. I think I slept about a half an hour. So you can imagine how tired we all were when we arrived! Going through customs was also a experience with 2 very tired boys and not knowing the airport. Luckily Peter organised a company to meet us off the plane and they were fantastic! It took about an hour and a half to get through though even with their help!

Eventually waiting for us on the other side was Peter and my two brothers, Rowan and Vaughan (who now both live in Dubai as well, Rowan for the past 3 years and Vaughan arrived the middle of January). It so great arriving in a country where there is family waiting for you! We went to Rowan's house first as he lives in an area called Mirdiff which is near the Airport - he drives a Chryslar Voyager so we managed to get all our 6 pieces of luggage and 5 people in!

From Rowan's, after seeing my two sister-in-laws and my 1 year old niece, we then set off to our new home in The Springs area - we stay in The Springs 3. It is a lovely area with palm trees lining the streets. We stay in a 2 bedroomed villa with a very small study/3rd bedroom. Downstairs is the study with lounge and kitchen area and upstairs are the two bedrooms both with en-suite bathrooms. Although it sounds very luxurious the bathrooms are very small with showers above the baths. Our bedroom is quite large though. We have a very nice enclosed garden which is great for the boys but they are yet to play outside in it. They are mostly in the front riding their bicycles or going down to the park!

We have been so busy shopping our first two weeks for things for the house so I haven't done any sightseeing yet. So basically it has been starting from scratch. Things are reasonably priced here and prices compare quite a bit to SA. Clothes and chocolates are extremely cheap! Schooling is extremely expensive here as the schooling is mostly private.

Bryce has started in his new school and settled in nicely. He goes to school by bus in the morning and afternoon. Traffic in Dubai can be really bad! so thats why we decided to send him on a bus.

Lots and lots of development going on wherever the eye can see in Dubai with lots of desert pieces in between.

Logan is still home with me but we are looking at sending him to a nursery school as soon as we can find one in our area. The way of life is very different here. In South African you get used to the Pick 'n Pay down the road, Mr Price home stores for duffets, etc and a Post Office (there is apparently one about a 20 minutes drive away - in SA there are at least 3 to choose from that are near you). I am still waiting for a resident permit to be issued so I cannot drive at the moment unless it is a hired car. As soon as my recidency permit is through we are hoping to get a car so at least I will have more independency! Driving is on the opposite side to SA and I had to drive for the first time yesterday by myself to Bryce's sports day at school - an experience but I made it back to home without any incidents. Drivers in Dubai have a very bad reputation!

So that is it in a nutshell for now! I am putting my feelers out to see what the arts and crafts scene is like here in Dubai, so will keep you posted as to what I will be getting up to creatively. I cannot wait for my boxes to arrive from SA so that I can get going!

Until next time...

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Still moving...

Okay, so I still haven't a clue as to when we will be leaving for Dubai. The moving company came to collect the boxes this past Monday and myself and the boys are still waiting in limbo. I am hoping that we will eventually know in the next day or two when we will be flying! In the meantime I am figuring out how to use my blog so that I can keep you updated as to what is happening in Dubai and our experiences. I will keep you posted...