Thursday, April 24, 2008

4 card ideas with one stamp!

Hello again! Not much to report from the emirate of Dubai! Although tomorrow (24th) is our wedding anniversary - 9 years! Well done babes for putting up with me for so long! We both need a medal of endurance!

We will be off later on Thursday afternoon to visit another emirate called Abu Dhabi about a 140 km drive from Dubai to get my aunt and uncle their visit visa. They will be visiting us for 2 days next weekend.

So, I did more creating and came up with these 4 cards using one stamp keeping with the theme of the same colours but still managing to make 4 different looking cards.

I hope that these cards will inspire you to get creating!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Exploring Dubai...

We had visitors from South Africa! My brother-in-law and sister-in-law, Rowly and Janet with their 4 boys (yes 4 boys!) visited us for 4 nights on their way back from a holiday in the UK. We had a wonderful but very busy time with them doing all the sightseeing we could do in their full 3 days here! The "Glanville Villa" was stretched to the limit but everyone seemed comfortable when it was time for bed. Quite an interesting thing fitting 10 people into a villa that is meant for 4, maximum 6 people but I think we did really well.

So on the first day that our visitors were here we spent a wonderful day at Dreamland (again!). The boys (including the adult men - Peter and Rowland!) love it as there was so much to do there and they spend 6 hours having races on super tubes and relaxing next to the swimming pool. As you can see by these photos - Rowly and Janet catching up on some much needed sleep!

In the evening we went to the Mall of Emirates. A huge upmarket shopping centre in Dubai where we had dinner. Not a good thing to go on a Friday night because it was extremely busy! One of the advantages about shopping in Dubai on the weekend is that all the malls stay open on a Thursday and Friday until midnight! We didn't stay that late but got home at least around 23h00 after a very long day out!

On Saturday we went around to my family so that Rowly and Janet could say hi and on our way there the adults decided to do an Arabian nights tour. What an absolute wonderful experience. My eldest nephew, Vincent was kind enough to babysit Bryce, Logan and his brothers! Well done, Vince, we really appreciated the break!

So the afternoon started where we got picked up by the tour company at 15h30. What more could we ask for to be chauffeur driven. Unfortunately, the airconditioning the car was not working too well so we did suffer a bit because it was hot! Our first stop was at a place called "The Big Red" a huge sand dune in the desert. This was the meeting point for all the cars and I think we counted around 25 landcruisers once everyone got there. Off we went, one car after the other through the sand dunes. The ride of our life! It is hard to explain but let me tell you, Janet and I were in the back seat and I think our eyes were closed most of the time and I know I screamed out a couple of times, fearing my life! It was like we were on roller coaster ride! Of course, Rowly and Peter were grining from ear to ear with all the antics that the driver was doing! A couple of times we were sliding on one side with sand spraying right over the car where you couldn't see anything and a lot more!

After about a 45 minute ride through the desert, with lovely views and sand dunes for miles! We stopped for a break so that the cars could cool down and we could take in the view. In Janet's case a desparate pee behind a sand dune! We headed off to our destination which was a reeded area with low tables, persian carpets and pillows. Before we sat down to a lovely dinner and a belly dancing show, myself, Janet and Rowland went on a camel ride. Also a very interesting experience with the camel getting up and back down to let us off. We eventually got home around 22h00 to the house still standing and most of the boys in bed. Vince you can come and babysit at anytime!

On Sunday we spent most of the day shopping at a mall called, Ibn Battuta while Peter went back to work. In the evening after supper and getting the boys to bed, myself, Rowly, Janet and Peter went on an evening, informal city tour of Dubai. We visited an area called Al Karama, which is a market but not in the sense of tables and wares but more like shops in an area of this suburb. A lot of "rip offs" of designer stuff ie, perfume, handbags, clothes, watches, etc. As we arrived so late we only had about an hour to shop before the shops started closing at around 22h30. We did some more sightseeing and got home at 00h30. Peter went straight off to bed, I watched Rowly and Janet pack and eventually got to bed at 01h30, Janet at 02h30 only to be woken at 04h45 to leave for the aiport so that they could catch their flight at 08h30! So I think we were all feeling exhausted on Monday, I know I was! I think I am still recovering!
Anyway, it was lovely to have the family around for a while. Missing you guys already! Not sure what I am going to do with myself now - anyone want to come and visit?
I am hoping my resident visa will be issued soon. I went for my blood test on Saturday last week, in amongst all the excursions so lts hope it is a step in the right direction! Holding thumbs it will be this week or sometime next week so that I can get my independency back and become more mobile!
Well thats about it for now but I'll be back!

Monday, April 7, 2008

We went fishing - well Peter went anyway!

On Monday afternoon Peter, the boys and myself went fishing at an area along the Dubai Marina. We drove along a construction site to get there (wherever you go in Dubai at the moment it is a construction sight no wonder there are so many jobs available here in that type of field!). Once we were there it really was a great place - right on the beach. Peter fished along the breakwater rocks and myself, Bryce and Logan decided to take a dip in the sea. Bryce tried to do a little fishing but got a bit bored after a while. It was actually so great to get into a sea where your toes haven't frozen in the first minute! The water was cool enough to swim and not like bath water. It apparently gets like that in the middle of summer. You can also clearly see the bottom as you walk out and it takes a while before it gets deeper and there are no huge waves crashing onto the beach so very safe for the boys to swim in. It might also be because we were there during low tide.

Although the fish were elusive we had a wonderful relaxing hour and a half just being out of the house (myself and Logan anyway!).

I still don't have my resident visa which means still no chance to drive our car but I am hoping the wheels are in motion and that it will be issued soon. One thing we are looking forward to this weekend is the arrival of my brother-in-law, Rowland and sister-in-law, Janet with their 4 boys. They are staying with us for 4 nights so it will be a chance to do more touristy things with them and at least have some more family around for a little while before they get back to SA on Monday.

Here are pics of our new car (a Hyundai -Santa Fe - which I have managed to drive around the block!), some scenery shots of the Dubai Marina along the beach we were at and the boys trying to fish! Logan watching the sun go down.

Me, also watching the sun going down (not my best pose but that's what you look like after a dip in the sea and the salt sticks to you like glue!) Bryce took the picture - not bad for a 7-year old photographer!

Feel free to leave any comments - it will be nice to know that someone is reading my blog!

Until later...

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Doing what I do best!

So, I got down to being a bit creative over the last couple of days - have my moments of being inspired as I am so out of routine that I have to get myself motivated to get things done. Let me know what you think...

Still not sure what I am going to be doing with my business. At the moment I am still waiting for my resident visa to be issued (I have been speaking to a few people and it has sometimes taken up to 6 months for their visas to be issued!). Not sure if I am going to survive that long without having a car!
Peter is hoping to go fishing with the boys tomorrow so that will be a lot of fun for them. I will sit on the side, relax and read my book. That is if I can survive the weather. It is getting hotter here - today it supposed to be 33 degrees (feels like 40!) with humidity of 54 %! I heard Cape Town is also having a heat wave! Don't know if I am going to survive the summer! Thank goodness for airconditioning!!

Until later...