Saturday, August 23, 2008

Well as they say...

in South Africa, "min dae" (in english "few days") or "all good things eventually come to an end"! The boys and I have had a wonderful holiday in South Africa and we have 4 sleeps to go before we head back to, probably, a very warm Dubai! Our trip to the Eastern Cape was great! We spent lots of time with Nan (my grandmother, the boys great grandmother), who turned 87! It was also nice to spend time with all my aunts, uncles, cousins and friends - miss you all already!

We took a trip down to the Transkei for a few days, unfortunately we missed having lunch with Richard Gere and Hilary Swank! They were in the area shooting a new movie called "Amelia" - I mean - how much closer can you be to celebs than a couple of kilometres! The cottage we stayed in was awesome. Situated almost on the beach with no one in sight! Great weather but unfortunately the fish were being a bit evasive! Not to mention that I was also very creative and managed to make over 35 cards! Anyone looking at renting the cottage for a couple of days let me know! My aunt and uncle are responsible for the renting of it. You cannot ask for a better holiday - all you can do is relax as shops and people are miles away! Here's some pics:

Pic 1 - Going over the pont at Kei Mouth
Pic 2 - View from the cottage
Pic 3 - The cottage
Pic 4 - What a view from the braai area!
Pic 5 - ...not forgetting the seagull named "Nelson"
Pic 6 - Me trying to fish
Pic 7 - Dad, Bryce and Logan in front of the "Jacaranda" a ship that lost its way along the coast in 1973 - not much of it left now!
Pic 8 - Bryce and Logan having fun swinging

On our return Logan unfortunately contracted what we think might have been tick bite fever! The little bugger bit him on the head and he was sick with a fever and swollen glands for a couple of days. After hectic anti-biotics he was well on the road to recovery! He was absolutely fine during the day, no headaches but come night time a fever would start...but we got through it! Amazing how resilient kids can be - can't have any playtime interrupted!

Peter arrives in Cape Town on this evening. He arrived from Dubai on Tuesday and went up to the bushveld with his brothers and friends, at least he is having some good r&r (rest and relaxation!) and we all fly back to Dubai on Wednesday, 27 August - boo hoo! On top of all that we are also going to be moving into another villa when we get back, either on the day we arrive or just after but that is another story which I will get into some other time!

So... I am off to enjoy my last few days of the cold weather and our time in Cape Town...where has August gone!