Friday, January 16, 2009

Dubai Aquarium

Today we spend a leisurely morning going through the Dubai Aquarium situated at a new shopping mall, which has been abtly named "Dubai Mall"! The aquarium was nice, yes, just nice but the Cape Town aquarium is so much better! The one aspect which makes it great for the Dubains (not sure what we call ourselves here!) is the huge, and I mean huge glass wall of sea life swimming while you can shop.

The family gang (Vaughan, Nicky, Rowan, Fi, Ella-Rose and Madison) all meet at around 10h00, except the Glanvilles - well, we were late! We couldn't find the appropriate parking section and landed up on the otherside of the mall. It took us all of 20 mins to just park and walk otherwise I am sure we would have been on time. Anyway, not important! It took us about an hour to walk through the aquarium to see everything. We then went off to the food court (all that walking! not!) made us hungry so we went for a brunch. We are yet to find a nice place in Dubai (besides the hotels!) that sell a nice English breakfast (bacon - which is normally not on the menu and eggs are hard to come by!). So we ended up eating fast food instead!

Here are some of the pics I took (except obviously the one with all of us! :).

Oooh! What a good looking family! Love this picture of Bryce, the seal was posing so nicely for this pic too!
Until next time...


Firenze said...

How cool - fish watching you while you shop ;b

Congopit said...

I just read about this mall a week ago, it's the new mall right? You're so lucky to have your family with you in Dubai, must make a big difference to your life. Looks like fun, lots of great things to do over there. Take Care, Ings x