Saturday, January 31, 2009

International Day!

Comes around once a year at Bryce and Logan's school. It is a day of celebrating your nationality and bringing you closer to people who come from the same background and country as you! It was wonderful to spend the morning with people from different nationalities and experience the unique cultures around the world.

So myself, Bryce and Logan dressed in our "national dress" which was rugby shirts and me in my South African flag t-shirt with my dreadlock hair (just to bring in an element of fun!). We headed off to school. The children started a parade which is just like the Olympics where they were put into groups from their different countries and walked into the hall. It was so great to see the kids participate and be proud of the countries they come from (or their parents!) No surprise that one of the biggest groups of children came from South African and Australia.

Each country ie, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, USA, India, Sweden, Germany, had a room in the school which was decorated in each countries "heritage". So South Africa/Africa had an "African Theme" displaying African prints, animals, etc. It was really well done but unfortunately I did not get any pics of the room. Some South African mums got together and baked koeksisters, babotie, milk tart, boerewors (also known as "sausage" for those Non-South Africans) and we also had biltong and droewors! Yum! Yum!

Some of the SA moms and me were responsible for the kindies (kindergarten kids aged between 4 - 6) and had a room set up with them. We put together a 152 lion king masks made out of paper plates. Lots of time and effort! I was so grateful when they were done! I created the mask but not sure I will be so enthusiastic next year! Thanks to those Moms who helped though as I would still be doing the faces and cutting out 152 pieces of hair, 152 noses and 306 ears! Here is Logan wearing the mask.

Unfortunately my camera decided to play up so I could not get as many pics as I wanted to but here is what I got:

Myself, Bryce and Logan going to school
South African kids
Logan waving the SA flag he made

Until next time...

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Totally dig those dreads man!